What kind of rates do you charge?

We are competitive in the region, and we can give you a free estimate by phone.

Do you inspect the garage before working on it?

We use a multi-point inspection plan that helps us diagnose your garage door and make it work the way it’s supposed to.

Can You Replace My Door?

If a replacement is necessary, we have a full line of modern garage doors and can even install them!

Do You Need a New Garage Door? That Might Depend on Where You Live
Lakewood Washington Have You Been Living with a Damaged Garage Door?

Garage Door Installation

Our professional technicians will quickly and efficiently install your new door if needed.

Lakewood Washington How to Find a Reliable Local Garage Door Repair Service

Garage Door Repair

In tight spots, our professionals can repair your new garage door on-site for your security.

Lakewood Washington Problems with Break-Ins? Maybe It's Time for a New Garage Door

Local Company

Our local technicians are there for our Lakewood clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week..

Lakewood Washington How to Find Affordable Garage Door Installation Services in Your Neighborhood

Wide Selection of Doors

We have one of the largest selections of garage doors in the Lakewood,201-218-0132 area.

Lakewood Washington Signs that You Need a New Residential Garage Door

Inspection and Repair

With our multi-point inspection, we can find the problem with any garage door.

Lakewood Washington How to Find an Emergency Garage Door Repair Service Near You

Garage Door Replacement

If your old garage door just isn’t enough to get the job done, let us help you match with the right one.

Client Testimonials
Lakewood Washington The Importance of Having the Right Garage Door for Your Home

Jackie Douglas

These guys came at just the right time! A neighbor crashed into our garage door, leaving us a huge need to get it fixed quickly! This is truly a crew of expert pros-- they put us at ease and got a new door up in no time at all!

Lakewood Washington How a New Garage Door can Make Your Home Safer

Mitchell Peters

Our old garage door was NOT an ideal solution. Thanks to our new automatic door, I don’t deal with the stress of just leaving the car out in rainy weather. Now our car is exactly where it belongs- in the house! It was installed quickly and at a great price.

We are the BEST choice for
Repair Garage Doors in Lakewood, Washington.


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Information for Lakewood, Washington

"The Lakewood neighborhood along southeast Seattle's Lake Washington shoreline is located east of Genesee Park and northwest of Seward Park (it is often considered part of the Seward Park neighborhood). The area was originally a peninsula formed by a long inlet called Wetmore Slough -- the present location of Genesee Park -- that extended more than one-half mile south from the lakeshore and turned west toward Columbia City. Not until a bridge carried Lake Washington Boulevard S across the mouth of the slough in 1912 and a trolley line opened on S Genesee Street did the community gain good communication with the rest of the city. Lowering of the lake due to construction of the Lake Washington Ship Canal in 1916 largely drained the slough. The land where the slough had been was used for some years as a dump. The Stanley S. Sayres Memorial Hydroplane Pits were developed in 1957 at the north end of the former slough, and a decade later the remaining slough area became Genesee Park and Playfield. In addition to its park, Lakewood is a mix of large homes close to the lakeshore and more modest dwellings inland.
Lakewood's and Seward Park's first residents were Native Americans of the Duwamish Tribe who lived along the shore of Lake Washington. The thick forest sheltered game and provided the cedar trees that the Duwamish used for their longhouses, but the tribe does not appear to have established a permanent village there. During summer months, families erected shelters woven from cattails on the shore of the lake where they caught fish and dug roots. During the winter, they lived in elaborate longhouses on Pritchard Island or at other settlements around the lake.
First Settlers
The slough was named for Seymour Wetmore, who had come to Seattle in 1857. Wetmore founded a tannery and shoe factory, but those were unsuccessful. He moved to the Rainier Valley and homesteaded there. In 1872, he trapped a cougar that was killing his sheep and the animal was sold as a curiosity. Wetmore's son Frank purchased property on the west side of the slough.
John S. Maggs filed a claim along the lake shore and proved it up, gaining title. In the 1870s, Hewett Lee built a sawmill in a small cove on land owned by Charles Waters, who developed Somerville to the southeast. Guy Phinney (1852-1893) bought all the land in 1883 and he platted it as Maynard's Addition with streets laid out and named. But occupation of the ridge between the slough and the lake was slow because of limited transportation. In 1890, Columbia City was founded around a sawmill located near the head of the ravine that led to Wetmore Slough. An 1894 map shows one road into the area ""poor or infrequently traveled"" (McKee)."

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Lakewood - Common Residential Garage Door Problems and How to Fix Them Articles

Garage Door Repair Tips: When Do You Call a Pro?

Your garage door is likely the largest moving system in your home, yet in many households it's maintenance is often totally ignored until there is a problem and the door is no longer operating as it normally should. This inconvenience usually spurs a homeowner into action and they either try and repair the door themselves or they recognize the need to call a pro.

The smooth and safe operation of your garage doors are probably important to your daily routine and they are important to your home for 3 major reasons:

#1. Garage Doors Provide Security: Your garage is usually for safe keeping of your vehicles, toys, tools and other important items. A properly operating garage door will keep your contents locked up tight and secure. Your garage is probably the largest potential entry point into your home so you can imagine the security implications if your door isn't securely closing all the way or not operating in a secure fashion.

#2. You Want Your Garage Doors To Be Safe: Garage doors have an automatic safety feature built into the opening system so if the door meets resistance when closing it will open itself back up again. This mechanism protects your vehicles from being damaged by the door, protects yourself and children who may play with the garage door when you're not around.

#3. Garage Doors Are A Big Part Of Your Curb Appeal: If you've got an old, rough looking and dilapidated garage door it's going to detract from the curb appeal of your home. If it's in rough shape on the exterior then it's probably also being poorly maintained (if at all) and could be close to a failure. There are many types of designer garage door systems if curb appeal is important to you.

When you consider all of these factors maintaining your garage door doesn't seem like such a bad idea but is garage door repair and maintenance something you can actually do on your own?

Working With Garage Door Springs Can Be Dangerous

Torsion Type Garage Door Spring

There are some garage door repair tasks that can be completed by a DIY homeowner, messing around with the garage door springs certainly isn't one of them!

Most of the garage door systems we see and work on will have one of two different types of garage door springs. These are a torsion spring system (mounted horizontally above the door when closed) or an extension spring system (the springs extend down from the horizontal door track). The tension/energy stored within these springs is what assists with the lifting of your garage door.

With such a large amount of spring tension it can be very dangerous if you are trying to take the system apart. It seems like such a simple system but there is a lot of energy stored in the springs and if you make a mistake it could lead to serious injury such as broken bones in the hand or even your face if you're up close and working.

If you suspect a problem with your garage door springs then 'Yes' it's definitely time to call a professional garage door repair company.

DIY Garage Door Inspection and Maintenance Tips

Now that we've established the dangers of working on your garage door springs without the proper knowledge or tools let's discuss some garage door repair and maintenance items you can complete on your own.

#1. Testing the Safety Mechanism and Sensors

If your garage door system was manufactured after 1993 then it will be required to have a safety reversing mechanism should the door close on something that it shouldn't, like a person or your vehicle.

There are two sensors on either side of a garage door, usually right down low, almost on the ground. If an object is placed between these two sensors the garage door shouldn't close when you press the button to cycle it.

The second part of the test is to place a small solid object on the ground right in the path of the garage door (something that sits below the sensors) when you cycle the garage door it should stop and then auto-reverse when it hits the item.

If the safety mechanism isn't working correctly then it's probably a good idea to call in a professional who can inspect and repair the problem.

#2. Proper Lubrication of Garage Door Hinges and Rollers

Poor or improper and infrequent lubrication is usually one of the main reasons for a garage door part failure aside from an accident such as hitting the garage door with a vehicle.

Your garage door system has many moving parts including the rollers that help the door slide along the track and also the individual hinges that hold the garage door panels together. Left unchecked, old grease can harden and coupled with dust and other debris will start to wear on your moving parts, leading to eventual failure.

The best option for a homeowner is to use white lithium grease and lubricate the rollers and the hinges every 6 months to 12 months depending on how frequently the garage door is used.

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